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Your special day will never be forgotten at out ballroom and with our event planner.


Some of the unique services Thousand Nights Hotel provides are event planning, catering, and hosting, with two main indoor venues and one courtyard. We guarantee a successful event, and whether it is a wedding or a business meeting, Thousand Nights Hotel will cover all your needs.


With its roomy space and design, the Shahrazad ballroom can host more than 220 attendees. A fully equipped setting and an event planning team guarantee the success of any event, including:

  • Weddings: Equipped with a dance floor, lighting, and surround sound system, this venue is perfect for a night you’ll never forget.
  • Business Meetings: With everything you need for your business meeting, from projectors to coffee breaks or even post-meeting lunches or dinners, this venue ensures that you won’t have to worry about a thing and can focus on doing business as usual.
  • Seminars: To prepare for your seminar, theatre seating will be set up accommodating as many as 250 attendees, so you can easily get your point across.


With its elegant design, this venue can host any event you desire. With its ability to accommodate up to 120 attendees, it is perfect for private lunches or dinners and always ready to host seminars and business meetings, from round seating to conference seating.

The Courtyard:

When the weather is suitable, Thousand Nights Hotel can host your celebration events in the courtyard. The courtyard has a capacity of 250 attendees and offers an exquisite and charming setting with a waterfall and open-air seating area. This venue promises an amazing and memorable outdoor event.

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