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Located in the lively center of Amman, the Thousand Nights Hotel offers

opulent accommodations, a welcoming entrance area, and a competent team of staff.

Our Guest Comes First

Thousand Nights Hotel




From the moment you ckeckin our staff

works around the clock to make sure that

your entire stay is exeptional and smooth.


Variety of Dining Options

Thousand Nights Hotel



We have three restaurants on the premises,

offering various cuisines to choose from


Best Address in Amman

Amenities & Facilities

We want you to feel right at home. Here you'll find everything you could possibly need for a pleasant stay. From in-house restaurants that feature cuisines from around the world to our popular Turkish bath, all these experiences will guarantee a memorable stay.

Spa & Wellness

Thousand Nights Hotel



Set forth on an exquisite wellness journey to refresh, re-energize, and rejuvenate at our iconic Turkish bath


Weddings & Events

Thousand Nights Hotel



Thousand Nights Hotel has a variety of venues for weddings, corporate gatherings and other events.


Let us introduce you to the best of Amman. We will make sure you experience the city in a genuine and unforgettable way, from mingling with locals to trying delicious traditional foods. You will leave with memories that will last a lifetime.

Explore Amman's Best with Ease

Our central location in the city makes it easy for you to explore all the top sights nearby. Plus, we can help arrange transportation to nearby tourist spots.

Plan an Unforgettable Experience in Amman Today!

We can help you fit your stay and experience within your allotted budget.

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